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At this point in my path I decided it was for the best to leave my traditional martial training behind. I joined The British Combat Association and started down the unorthodox path of practical techniques and methodology that I still tread to this day.

Part of that path is pressure testing and entering the world of night club security was an obvious choice. My view of what practices to keep and what not to was obvious after a very short time in this job.

Alongside this I looked at methodologies that steered my interactions towards the desired results.

I learned to delve deeper into the psychological aspects of self protection and how situational awareness is a huge key ingredient when looking at avoidance and how the mindset is vital when looking for the most positive outcomes when the of yourself and those you care about are threatened.

I started martial arts at 15 with Kickboxing. Being a skinny shy lad it probably wasn't the best choice for me as my body wasn't built for it.

At 16 I started Tae Kwon Do and it really gripped me, so much that after 18 months i ended up assisting my instructor teaching the kids classes and a 6 months later the junior grade adults. The progression from a shy teenager to a confident young man came fully into being when started my own club after achieving my Black Belt in 1991.

4 years on I had my own Black Belt students and was proud to see them come into their own.

In 1996 I graded to 3rd Dan. For some time I had been looking at other martial systems with a focus in self protection, and seeing a poor crossover from class practice to the reality of what's required for self defence, let alone the other aspects of self protection which were seldom, if ever, talked about.

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